Student/Parent Resources
Student/Parent Resources
Teacher Resources
Teacher Resources
 Acceleration Procedures
 Common Core State Standards
 Department Chair Position Description 
 Zaner-Bloser Kindergarten - 3rd Grade Stroking Guide 
 DNealian 4th Grade Cursive Stroking Guide 
 GATE Manual 
 GATE Referral Form 
 Handwriting Interventions 
 High Frequency Words to Read 
 High-Incidence Academic Word List 
 High Frequency Words to Spell 
 High School Novel List 
 Honor AP English Vertical Team Curriculum Guide Grades 8-12 
 Journey Back In Time
 Math Expressions Resources
 Middle School and High School Compare and Contrast Rubric 
 Middle School Novel List  
 New Staff Support Program 
 No Excuse Words 
 PLC Resources
 Professional Developement Courses
 Prof. Dev. Evaluation Form 
 Prof. Dev. Literature 
 Prof. Dev. Videos 
 Professional Development Activity Application 
 Professional Development Matrix 
 Required Instructional Time 
 SBAC Practice Test
 SMARTER Balanced Assessment Consortium
 Smarter Balanced Portal
 Writing Handbook 
Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) Information