About Our School

New Horizon wolf pack logo
955 West Alameda Rd
Pocatello, ID 83201
Amy Prescott
Vice Principal:
Keith Ottley
Important Numbers:
(208) 237-2233
(208) 238-3635

The New Horizon Center ​
works to actualize the school vision by

  • Building positive relationships;
  • Increasing engagement levels;
  • Developing cog​ni​tive skills;
  • Actualization of learning the Idaho Core Standards.​

The New Horizon Center Beliefs

  • A safe, supportive, caring and respectful environment is critical to student learning;
  • High expectations promote high levels of student achievement;
  • Students have a right to learn and are responsible for learning;
  • Students may not opt out of learning;
  • Students learn in different ways and at different rates;
  • Students must be challenged to think critically, problem solve, and work in teams;
  • Students learn best through active engagement in their learning with highly qualified, professional staff;
  • Parents and the community play a vital role in a student's ​​​educational success;
  • Education is a means to a quality of life.​

​Guiding Theme
It is worth whatever it takes!