About Our School

Bear group in Denali
911 North Grant
Pocatello, ID 83204
Amy Bowie
Asst. Principal:
Stuart Johnson
Important Numbers:
(208) 232-3039
(208) 232-0379


to the Bear Den

Bear by water


Irving Middle School promotes kindness and community


The theme for the 2019/2020 school year is Empathy


Empathy involves choosing to emotionally understand what another is feeling in order to understand their experience.


Let's practice Empathy:

  • I will regularly listen to another's thoughts and feelings
  • I will develop an awareness for all those behind the scenes in my daily life
  • I will become curious about those I don't know well
  • I will be open to the cultural traditions of others
  • I will practice disagreeing respectfully


Vision Statement

Irving Middle School in cooperation with its students, their families, and community will empower students to:

  • Maximize success in academic endeavors
  • Honor Individual differences
  • Respect the rights of others
  • Cultivate individual strengths and talents
  • Be responsible, productive, and healthy citizens


Belief Statement  

  • Students learn best through active engagement in their learning with highly qualified, professional staff
  • Students have a right to learn and are responsible for their learning