School Profile

Last Updated: 11/1/2019 4:56 PM


Washington Elementary School

226 South 10th

Pocatello, ID 83201



Washington Elementary first opened it's doors in 1925 and has been serving the community and it'sā€‹ā€‹ students ever since.ā€‹

Our focus at Washington Elementary is to do what ever it takes to educate all students and help them succeed.

Our Mission:

Washington Elementary School in partnership with students, families and community strives to build a tradition of excellence by: Maintaining high academic standards while providing a safe, and caring climate supportive of student achievement. Valuing the uniqueness of each individual. Facilitating growth in character. Encouraging the development of responsible, productive and healthy citizens. Empowering all learners to realize the impact of their own decisions.

Our Vision:

Washington Elementary School builds a tradition of excellence by committing to decision making that maximizes growth and success for all students.



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