Wolf Pride

Washington Wolves show their pride by being Safe, Responsible, and Respectful to themselves and to others. Last Updated: 11/1/2019 4:58 PM





We help each other.

We take care of each other.

We DO NOT hurt each other physically or emotionally.


We treat each person as valuable, worthy of greatness and goodness.

We accept individuals for who they are.

We show our respect at all times for each other, for property, for differences, and for opinions different from our own.

We are honest with each other.


We believe we are the masters of our own destiny and that we have the power to control our lives and shape our futures.

We are committed to the highest level of achievement, academic, social, and personal.  We recognize our strengths and try to improve our weaknesses.

We participate fully in everything we do.  We do not do things halfway.


We all do our best on every assignment and test we are given.

We all earn the best grades possible.



We are the BEST students


Washington Wolves practice "The 7 Habits of Happy Children" identified by Shawn Covey.  Find more information about The 7 Habits of Happy Children at  http://www.theleaderinme.org/the-7-habits-for-kids

                                washington wolf